Of Course There’s Skyrim Monopoly

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I was in one of those board game stores which still inexplicably exist in the mall the other day when I saw “Dachshund Monopoly” on the shelf. Not “Dog Monopoloy,” but “Daschund Monopoly” where each space was a differently named Daschund.

So why then, if Monopoly games are that specific, must we have fans creating things like Skyrim Monopoly, which would obviously be a must have in any geek household? In any case, Alex from DeviantArt spent a long time crafting this board and subsequent chance and community chest cards, which you can see below.

I need a really, really big printer to bring this to life now.

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  1. You could probably just go to your local office supplies store and have the requisite elements printed for you. Although you’d need larger images got the best results.

    You’d also need to commission some Skyrim themed pewter game pirces. It just wouldn’t be right without them.

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