NASA and Mattel Team up: Mars Explorer Barbie


As a way to commemorate the first anniversary of NASA’s Curiosity rover landing in Mars, Mattel will roll out a version of Barbie in a spacesuit. Hearing about this reminded me of the days when a Barbie was always on top of my Christmas list. Of course, I eventually grew out of it and started to play with other things. However, I think that young girls in general aren’t too fond with it anymore. I don’t see any of my nieces playing with a Barbie. In fact, I don’t think that they even own one anymore. Most kids are stuck on their smartphones and tablets.

This isn’t the first time I’m seeing Barbie jump into a trend or don a new look. Do you think this is a cool way for Mattel’s Barbie to stay relevant? Or has technology swept them away?

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