Memorable Moments in TV: Seinfeld’s Contest Episode


Perhaps no more memorable in the history of Seinfeld is the “Contest” episode.  As many of you know it focused on the the group of four’s quest to “hold out” the longest in terms of pleasuring themselves.

Needless to say it lead to an insane amount of humor.   Most of which I think is best received in this very scene.  George is super horny at this point and of course his mother is in the hospital where right next door a woman is getting a sponge bath.

Why is George’s mother in the hospital?  She caught him playing with himself hence how the contest even started.  George said “I’ll never do that again” which got the whole thing going in the first place.

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  1. i can watch old seinfeld episodes for the n’th time and they’re still as funny as the first time. I don’t experience that with any other shows.

    Also, due to its depth of coverage of every day life, there’s usually at least one thing that happens to me or that I encounter every day that reminds me of a seinfeld episode. it’s really quite amazing how much of our every-day mundane culture that show captured.

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