Memorable Moments in TV: Sarah Michelle Gellar on Swan’s Crossing


As you can see we’re turning this “Memorable Moments” into a virtual library of early performances of current celebrities.  And just like we did with Ryan Reynolds a few weeks ago, today we’re focusing on Sarah Michelle Gellar.

She was on a show called Swan’s Crossing and is it me or does she look no different than she does as an adult?  I actually used to watch this show as a kid and I remember it being super dramatic.   My memory has definitely served me correctly.   Drama to the max here.

But still awesome if you ask me.

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  1. I remember this show and also the ginger guy there starred in an awful fishout of water movie with Seth Green and Jack Black called “Airborne”. The best part of it is when he calls Jack Black “Bra” and Black wants to go nuts on him for calling him a piece of underwear.

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