Memorable Moments in Movies: Van Damme’s Drunk Kickboxer Dance


I think I can safely say that this is one of, if not the best scene in any Jean Claude Van Damme movie.  Granted seeing him try to dance in the movie Breakin’ in which you see him for about 20 seconds is pretty amazing, this scene absolutely rocks simply because he’s the star.

It’s from Kickboxer, and his “master” decides to get him drunk while at a local bar.   This is so Van Damme can continue his “training” and learn to fight good fighters while intoxicated.

But clearly the amazingness from this scene stems from A.  His outfit and B.  The ridiculous crap he pulls off in this scene.

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  1. I’ve always thought of this film as semi rip-off of Rocky 4 (though yeah the storyline isn’t anything new). But the music in this scene sounds like a b-grade/watered down white boy rip-off of James Brown’s “Living in America”. Maybe it’s the horns, I dunno.

    BTW Kickboxer is one of my favorite movies. Awesome soundtrack. Paul Hertzog hits another homer here (he did Bloodsport OST the year before).

  2. whaaaaaaat…the 80s was the produced some of the awesomest shit ever ..cartoons games..van damme is a mothafucking legend..

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