Memorable Moments in Movies: School of Rock Final Song


If you guys haven’t seen School of Rock then obviously this is a huge spoiler.  But for those that have, this is just a great song and such a fun movie moment.   And let’s not forget this film was directed by Richard Linklater who directed Dazed and Confused.    What in the hell ever happened to Linklater anyway?

He directed that Fast Food Nation movie and the Bad News Bears remake.   But can’t he make like a new Dazed and Confused or something?  I’m sure he could do a new coming of age type of flick.  I guess family life changes a man.  Anyway, I think this was Jack Black’s best movie performance and there was nothing unfun about this entire movie.

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  1. I am such a sucker for movie scenes where the everyday character has their hero moment. This one is one of my favorites. Also explains why I get so verklempt at Mr. Hollands Opus and Rudy.


  2. ‘Bernie’ was a fantastic film, and had Jack Black at top acting form (seems to be a Linklater thing) – Linklater is also bringing out ‘Before Midnight’ next year, which makes me incredibly excited. RL’s still one of the best directors.

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