May I Have a Dinosaur Menorah for Chanukah?


Ladies and gentlemen. Meet the Menorasaurus Rex, a t-rex menorah. Yes, this exists and yes it’s awesome. In case you are wondering, this delightful piece of art was made by Lisa Pierce who also makes apatosaurus, velociraptor, elephant, lobster, and turtle versions too.  She’s selling them all out of her Etsy store, The Vanilla Shop, for $85.

We’re not so sure about this price tag considering these are ceramics and are spray painted.  They look cool though!

dinosaur 2


dinosaur 5

dinosaur 4

dinosaur 3

(Via Creepbay)

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  1. Sadly not one of those can be used. One of the candles has to be raised above the rest and the other 8 have to be level with one another. They are all at varying heights so none of them are kosher.

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