Living in the Future: The Lamborghini Egoista


Fun fact: A long, long time ago, one of my first internet writing gigs was working for an automotive website. I used to be REALLY into cars, and was thinking about a career in automotive journalism. Welllllll, I was eventually fired, and now I write about Pokemon and Disney Princesses instead. Just kidding, my life is awesome.

Anyway, I thought I’d go back to my automotive glory days just for a singular post her, even if we never, ever featured cars. But I am something of a futurist, so when a car comes out that looks cooler than anything I’ve ever seen in a sci-fi movie, that’s just right up my alley.

This is the Lamborghini Egoista, a one of a kind concept that only seats one, crafted for the companies 50th anniversary. I love how it even has “Egoist” in the name, Lamborghini knows how ridiculous they’re being with this, but who cares? Supercars are supposed to be ridiculous. Check out a gallery of the car below.

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