Obscure Movie Characters We Like: Romulus in Biodome

Kevin West

Perhaps one of the more underrated comedies I’ve seen in the past 15 years (Jesus I can’t believe I just wrote 15 years) was Biodome.   Clearly if you’re not a Pauly Shore fan you will have most likely hated this film.  Then again if you don’t like Pauly Shore I can’t imagine you ever entertained watching this movie.

Personally I thought Stephen Baldwin was pretty lame but I thought the movie was ridiculous enough to laugh.  Easily one of the best characters was a guy named T.C. Romulus played by Kevin West.  I’m sure you guys recognize West from his picture up above but probably didn’t know his name.

He’s just a weird looking dude and his character in Biodome was awesome.  He’s also the psycho guy in Pursuit of Happyness who steals Will Smith’s medical machine and thinks it’s a time machine.

You also might remember him in Noid commercials back in the day.   


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