“That Guy” Actor of the Week: James Hong


That I’ve gone this long without mentioning James Hong in one of these articles is a complete travesty.  He very well might be the king of all “that guy” kings.  With over 340 credits between movies and TV he’s got to be the top dog in this category.

The best thing about him is that I guarantee you 9 out of 10 people would recognize either his face or voice and at least 9.9 out of those 10 would not know his name.

His credits are endless but my favorites include him playing Lopan in Big Trouble in Little China, the host in the Chinese restaurant in Seinfeld where he says “Seinfeld?  Four?????” and as the master (Edward Po Wong) at the Coral Essex Hotel in Revenge of the Nerds II.

There are countless other appearances from Hong but this 81-year-old legend deserves our praise.  Happy Birthday buddy!  He celebrated on Monday.


“Edward Po Wong.  They call me snotty.”


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  1. Dont forget he’s Tia Carrere’s dad in Wayne’s World 2, gets sniped in the head in The Art of War, and also was in The Golden Child with his Big Trouble in Little China co-star, Victor Wong.

    Where’s the Victor Wong “that guy” page?

  2. The guy also apparently has no qualms about picking up a paycheck for appearing in a number of Skinemax softcore porn flicks. Kinda surreal when he popped up as a villianous NPC (non-porn character?) late one night.

  3. I figured you were, are you guys gonna do a “that guy” post for Chris Farley’s brother, or is he counted out because he isnt funny & most of his roles were only because Chris Farley was the man?

  4. Oh and another random suggestion for that guy:

    Larry Miller.

    Hope this isnt starting to sound like I’m trying to tell you how to do your job…..just throwing out some “that guy” actors that I’ve seen in movies lately.

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