It’s The New Doctor Who! Wear New Clothes!

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I guess this is something of a big deal that they’ve finally debuted what Peter Capaldi is going to look like in costume for Doctor Who. Gone are the stripey suits of Tennant or the bow ties of Smith. This Doctor Who…doesn’t need neckwear!

He sort of looks like an 18th century minister telling me I’m going to hell for holding a girl’s hand.

I’m curious to see how Capaldi does in the role, and am also wondering how many of the younger generation of Doctor Who fans will stick around now that he’s not a chipper, cute young dude. Capaldi is serious business Doctor, and is more like the older copies from decades past.

Priority one for the new season: They need to get rid of Clara. She’s super cute but I really, really hate her.

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  1. The 12th Doctor could use some of the fire that 1 and 2 and 5 had. Young, hip Matt Smith was just charming, but I can’t wait to see what Capaldi does with the role. *Fingers crossed for snarky, cynical doctor!*

  2. NO no no no I love Clara. Actually having a competent and smart companion? Please stay. We see this especially in her other “lifetime” arcs with the Daleks and Snowmen, but even so, she still has been useful. Also her theme is adorable.

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