Six Examples of Extreme Harry Potter Devotion

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a big Harry Potter fan.  Buying the books, watching the movies, and hell even listening to the soundtrack a few times are all “normal” parts of being a fan.  But I kind of think you should draw the line somewhere.

Let us just say that these six people or groups don’t know how to draw any lines at all….

The Emma Watson Photoshopper – John Cavanaugh

“Loner who superimposed Harry Potter star Emma Watson’s face on to child pornography is spared jail.”

Come on!  It was only 2,000 images on his computer.  We all have files that big, right?… right? And another perfectly normal thing he did was super-impose his head onto other Harry Potter characters’ bodies in movie stills he had to get “closer” to her.  These were among some of the tamer things that were found on internet stalker, pedophile and overall real-life-Phillip-Seymour-Hoffman-from-Happiness John Cavanaugh‘s Chamber of Secrets. He was let go, though, because the judge realized that he wasn’t spreading them, he was just keeping them, and everyone felt sorry for the guy because, yes, he is just that pathetic.

Remember this One?

A Japanese show held a contest where 10,000 insane Harry Potter fans competed for a chance to visit the UK set of the Half-Blood Prince movie and meet the stars in person. A girl named Kana won. Needless to say, to win the contest, you need to have the ability for your insanity to exponentially grow to uncharted levels.  Just watch the video.

Harry Potter SLASH Fiction

Harry Potter slashfiction  is basically fan erotica (which are pornographic stories) about the Harry Potter cast.  Let us repeat this: erotic fiction about the under-aged KIDS in all the Harry Potter books.  I mean when you look at it that way it’s pretty sickening.  Now that they’re all 18, yup, it’s still pretty sickening.

Comic Con Fan

At Comic-Con, the Mecca rabid fans, a fan of some sort was saving a seat for somebody.  Mr. Harry Potter fan seemed to have objected to this other fan’s ability to have a seat “saved” for him while everyone else stood in an 8-hour line to get into the hall (he was kinda right).   This Harry Potter fan got so angry that he used the Eyeballicus Expelliamus spell and stabbed the guy in the eye with a pen. He also got red stains all over his nice Harry Potter shirt.

Wizard Rock

Wizard Rock is an actually-existent form of “music” that revolves around the Harry Potter universe, and wizardry in general.  I really don’t have much else to say.

This Guy

I think I just threw up 15 times in a row.

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  1. Don’t agree with the Japanese one :p. I mean like, at the end, the story actually become quite meaningful (as she shook hand with each of the 10.000 contestants with the hope that she can then shake hand with Daniel.) – pretty nice of her to me? 😉

  2. Ok that last one was kind of scary…Anyways i wanted to say that i like wrock very much and it can be really cool (my favorite Is by the Ministry of Magic and it’s called the House Song. Its really cool. Also fanfiction is not that bad as long as its NOT slash… thats also really creepy

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