Hamster Completes Mini Recreation of Super Mario Bros Levels 1-4

For those that love all things soft, cuddly, and adorable (especially when it comes to animals), this hamster video that was recently posted to YouTube may be right up your alley. It will also hit some major nostalgic heartstrings if you also love everything that there is to love about vintage gaming, and Super Mario Brothers. This video shows a beloved pet hamster making their way through a mini recreation of the Super Mario Brothers World, and more specifically levels one through four of the game itself. The real life depicting brings back nostalgia for Super Mario fans everywhere, and the fact that a hamster is the one trying out the course in real life brings even more feels to the scenario. You can watch the YouTube video for yourself here in the clip below:

The video of the levels are each in their own small clip rather than one big video, but it really makes for plenty of cuteness in the end. The hamster is taunted to make its way through the course with cleverly placed bits of food and treat. The video also features the iconic theme music of Super Mario Brothers that so many fans and gamers are familiar with, and also makes it all the more entertaining to watch. The creator of the video, and owner of the hamster, also went so far as to play the music along with the actions of the hamster’s movement throughout the course (including when he walks of the course itself, which leads to him ‘losing a life in the game’. With all of these awesome nuances and features that are put into the video, you can tell that the creator was really working to get those views and to make a video that was completely worth it.

We have also included the video clips of the other levels that the hamster makes his way through of the ‘game’ that were uploaded at the same time as the first video. With all of its creative and fantastically cute entertainment, we can only hope that the creator continues to make his way through all of the levels of Super Mario Brothers for the world to witness on YouTube. Be warned, however, as the other videos get a bit longer than the first, and we get to see the real life courses get pretty intricate for this playful hamster. You will get to see him racing through tunnels, jumping onto and off platforms, and even trying to get through secret passages (although we aren’t sure if that was really intentional). We hope that you have enjoyed these videos of this little hamster making his way through the Super Mario Brothers real life recreations of levels one through four. If you would like to see similar videos like this, or maybe you want to find a tutorial on how you can create this for your own hamster or gerbil, you can find plenty of links on YouTube and other social media outlets.

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