Gaikuo Captain Awesomely Inserts Himself Into His Art


I’m pretty sure I haven’t changed my Facebook profile picture more than once in the last year, which stems from my relative detachment from the site which many of you read about yesterday.

But that’s just me, not Gaikuo Captain here, a chemical engineering student who wanted to make sure his profile was a constant parade of awesomness. He’s a very talented artist and got the bright idea to insert himself into some of his own artwork. As you’ll see, it made for some wicked cool profile pictures.

He fights Batman above, but also has encounters with Iron Man, Wukong (the god, not the League of Legends variant), and a whole bunch of anime characters I can’t place. Check out the full picture selection below: 










[Crunchyroll via ComicsAlliance]


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  1. I love everything about these except for most of the subject matter. Most of it i from stuff i don’t know about or hav emuch interest in, with the exception of Iron man and pokemon, but I love his art style and how he edited them together. I particularly like the narruto one and the one piece one where he is half drawn himself. I hope the dude can forgive me if I totally steal his idea and I do something like this myself

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