Conceivably The Dorkiest Fan Club of All Time

Gadget Fan Club

Let’s talk a little about fan clubs for a minute.  Understandable when it’s for children.  A little creepy when you have people in their 20s, 30s and beyond organizing these things.  Hell, I might be able to understand a Star Wars thing, a Harry Potter convention, and even the Trekkie weirdness.

But in Russia?  And I hate to say this but this only furthers the stereotype that Russia is still living like 20 years ago.  There’s really a fan club for Gadget Hackwrench? Anyone remember this female mouse from the 80’s/90’s cartoon series Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers?  It appears that Gadget is very popular in Russia.

Are jeans still novelty there?  I don’t get it.  Check out photos of what I think must be the most loserish fan club ever

I can honestly say that there have to be a billion things I’d rather do in the world than join a Gadget Hackwrench fanclub.  These people are pasting pictures of her illegally on poles, buses, signs, you name it.  They are obviously doing this on their days off which is even more scary.  Well this is assuming these people have jobs which now that I think about it has to be unlikely.  There’s just no chance these people can survive in a social setting.

Gadget Fan Club

Gadget Fan Club

Gadget Fan Club

Gadget Fan Club

Gadget Fan Club

Gadget Fan Club

Gadget Fan Club

Gadget Fan Club

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  1. Was that show really made in the 70’s? I watched it in 1995 and it didn’t feel dated at all. I would have guessed it was made in the late 80’s early 90’s.

  2. Sorry, but can we talk for just a minute about what kind of animal the guy in the bottom left is holding? It doesn’t look much like a dog or cat to me. Looks like some sort of black, mutant pig with a head straight out of the Resident Evil series.

    I’m just saying, maybe being former residents of Chernobyl has dulled their priorities a bit.

  3. If you want to see weird a little closer to home, check out this guy: I went to high school with him and after that he went crazy with this whole “Save Kim Possible” movement. He was strange in HS but just got weirder and weirder. I think KP is the only woman he has ever loved.

  4. Hi there, my english-speaking friends!
    There I am – in the bottom left corner – with a common anteater on the knees. (little creature was frightened of camera’s flash and jumped away… So the image is a bit blurry)

    Let me explain you something.
    Theese photos are form Gadget’s birthday, which we celebrate at 15-th of March to meet together in person, to talk about unusual themes interesting to us. And to spend our day offs in a bright and memorable way. Our meetings and photos were known just for friends, until someone has published them on a popular board. It’s all over russian internet now.

    There are not too much of us, and Gadget isn’t that popular now. Series are still occasionally run on TV, just like other Disney’s films. Say, we’re just a group of friends with common interest. And nobody wants you to join our community if you don’t want it yourself. So what kind of stereotypes you’re talking about?

    Take a minute and check this out: – yours fan club 😉

    And a small question to Nattyb – where you get this photos from I wonder?

  5. Why so negative, Tim?
    Hey, at least they socialize in real life and not spend their time writing in blogs, those internet bloggers are real dorks you know.

  6. Chip’n’Dale was published in 1989
    It was first shown on TV in Russia in 1991
    2 years is not so big date 🙂

    And, yes, I love this tales too 🙂 it is my young remembers – dont touch it by dirty hands, pls

    PS. Be afraid of piggocats – it’s very popular home pet in Russia, came from Ukranian Chernobyl

  7. Russia is pretty much a beta country. We’re trying out different stuff there, from communism and space flights to nuking America and real dorky fan clubs.

    Some initially bright ideas went wrong. Communism, which is basically an “open source” society turned into a tyranny of moderators. The plan of nuking America was discovered to have rather bad climate change implications. Space flights were fun for both simians and men, but we’ve spend so much on it that damn jeans became novelty.

    You see, all that’s left is dorky fan clubs. Most Russians are members of one or two. We usually met on Thursdays wearing weird t-shirts and plotting against gods.

    Дайте инвайт на лепру!

  8. >But in Russia? And I hate to say this but this only furthers the stereotype that Russia is still living like 20 years ago.

    Google for “Elvis fun club” and make the conclusion that the States are still living 30 years ago.

    A dozen of freaks making who worship Gadget just for lulz are the whole Russia, ok. That only furthers the stereotype about American style of thought.

  9. I really hate when a person says something about he doesn’t fu…en knows anything! I’m russian and i think it’s really stupid to try and feel higher saying Russia is living in last century.
    The cult you’re talking about is just a dozen of guys who have a freaky “religion” which is actually just for lulz. This has became well-spread all over the internet because everything of the sort is interesting to know, laugh at it and forget. Can you imagine how many such cults like this is in both Russia and USA? Just not all are so lucky to be noticed.
    Now, about Gadget. Yes, I ain’t gonna lie, I like her very much. And I think she deserves to be called ideal. Look at her! Beautiful, smart, kind, intelligent, sexy- in reality she would be the coolest girl on the world IMHO. Just push some buttons and look on her pics made by her fans. When she looks on you from the pic, it feels like an angel is looking into your eyes. And how adorable she looks in bikini, or a red dress, or sitting on a chair in a white top! You’re not even conscious she has a tail and big ears:) Oh i quite forgot about her tail… so sexy!
    Result: cult is for lulz. But the very Gadget worths it to say the truth. IMHO.

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