Five Commercials that Actually Make me Want to Buy their Product

2. Dollar Shave Club


What They’re Selling:

High-quality razors for a dollar per month.

Why You Should Buy It:

Did you watch the commercial?

1. Old Spice


What They’re Selling:

Personal hygiene products.

Why You Should Buy It:

So Isaiah Mustafa can be the man you (or your man) could smell like.

I’m sure there are plenty of other great commercials that aim for this kind of humorous, sometimes edgy advertising. I want to see them, so link them in the comments!

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  1. You guys are really just phoning it in on this site now, right? It’s not election day, nor was it Halloween at any point last week (referencing another post saying it was Halloween, posted in Nov).

    Do you just write a bunch of articles and throw them up whenever you feel like it?

  2. The piece was supposed to run last week, but it failed to publish. I had it go up today, but forgot to remove the references. Not sure which Halloween post you’re talking about.

    Yes, many articles are written ahead of time. They always have been. It can be harder to balance them all now that we have so many writers but I’m doing my best.

  3. On the issue of posting articles a week or more after they are written, I have to say that you guys are actually doing a very good job of it. I remember a couple years ago you would have tons of double posts because different writers would write articles about the same thing at different times without realizing it. I haven’t seen a double post in quite a while.

  4. #2, the video doesn’t seem to have embedded properly. Dunno if it’s from your end or mine, but all I see is a link. Your code looks different from the rest for that entry. I guess somebody put it in wrong?

  5. I was about to say you’re the only person who likes those annoying Geico commercials, but then I realized they air on every show, every day, multiple times, so obviously a lot of people think they’re great.

  6. There is also the Terry Crews commercials for Old Spice. They don’t have the same charm, but they make up for it with raw charisma and gratuitous testosterone.

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