Five Primetime Cartoon Shows Original Clips

For the majority of television shows that last more than 3 seasons, the show you see today is usually way different from the original show you saw three years ago.  Not only do characters develop but music changes, style changes, and even the way the audience gets used to the show changes.

So when you look back on the originals you think to yourself “that’s what the show used to be?”  Perhaps no bigger a difference comes than when you look at cartoons.   The changes are even more noticeable.

Check out five “before they were big” cartoon show clips…

The Simpsons Original Animation – “The Perfect Crime”

As many of you know The Simpsons didn’t start off as a full time cartoon series.  It began as a series of short clips featured on the Tracy Ullman show.  As you can see here the animation looks nearly nothing like it does today.  Still though, the show had it’s humor and a great foundation for what would be the most successful prime time cartoon series of all time.

Southpark Original – The Spirit of Christmas – Jesus vs. Frosty

This isn’t the one that blew away college kids across the country.   That was a few years later when Jesus faced off against Santa.   This was apparently from 1992.   Kenny was Cartman?  I had no idea about that.   But the voices are still there.  Classic.   Here’s the link to the other awesome Spirit of Christmas.

Family Guy – Original Pilot

Wow, this is weird to watch.  Lois looks completely different.   Obviously Meg’s voice is different (pre 6 voices before Mila Kunis).   Look at Peter’s glasses!  And listen to the intro song.  Wow, this is really freaky.   The only thing that is the same is Stewy.   Man, even Peter’s nose looks weird.   Wow, look at their house!  This is seriously twilight zone type stuff.

Beavis and Butthead – Pilot Part 2

This is the only show where it’s not completely different.   The one thing I’ll say that changed a little bit is Butthead’s laugh.  Otherwise it’s pretty similar to how the show ran through it’s seasons.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force – Online Dating

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 1 – Online Dating
Tags: Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 1 – Online Dating

I can’t believe that it’s now called Aqua Unit Patrol Squad.   Hell I can’t believe the show is even still on. Listen to the voices here. The show has definitely evolved since 2003.

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  1. Nattyb, nice job once again.

    Remember when Aqua Teen was new and almost edgy, at the very least different from the other styles of adult cartoon humor. Now we have a channel full of rip-offs thanks Aqua Teen, we needed that. Really.

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