Every Time I Think About the Curiosity

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As excited as I am thinking about the Curiosity rolling around Mars looking at cool rocks, I can never help but think of this classic, tragic XKCD about the fate of the Mars Spirit.

Maybe now that I’ve seen Wall-E, I’m more prone to feel sympathy for cute robots, but whatever the case, this always makes me sniffle just a little bit.

Someday we’ll have a manned mission to Mars, Curiosity. And we’ll bring you back. You’re doing a good job.

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  1. The mission may only last 90 days, but if it’s anything like the last rover that went to Mars, it will be active for much longer than that. The last one was active for years after it was supposed to fail. We’re not allowed to try and get to the moon, so NASA is making these rovers as well as they can.

  2. I don’t know, I’d like to think of it as Curiosity and Spirit and the others are the special few who have chosen to go on these suicide missions to Mars in the name of science. They know their mission and fearlessly accept it just to expand our knowledge of the planet.

    You could say they have the right stuff.

  3. Short Circuit and Batteries Not Included taught me sympathy for robots long before Wall-E did, lol. Hell, I even loved the robot that ran the ship in Flight Of The Navigator. I mean he was voiced by Pee Wee Herman, after all.

  4. spent all morning yesterday reading @SarcasticRover. f**king hilarious.

    “You guys are being so nice that I almost forgot I’m doomed to die alone and forgotten like a Zune. JK – nothing makes me forget that!”

  5. robots arent alive until we make them so, and even then they wont ever be human, they will be a synthetic species, they wont ever be organic unless we build specific biological synthetic machines, and they will never be human either unless we just build human organs from scratch and give it life, and then it wont be a machine it will be a synthetic human.

    if you all really want to pity lonley souls with no purpose?
    pity yourselves.
    now go outside and explore something.

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