EVE Online’s Practically Perfect Character Creator


It’s rather ironic to me that the game with probably the single best character creator out there right now is for a game where you don’t even SEE your character 99.9% of the time. And no, this isn’t just like putting a helmet on your Dovahkiin so you don’t see their perfectly crafted features once in the entire game. Rather, EVE Online takes place almost entirely in spaceships, with your actual pilot never once seen.

But that hasn’t stopped the game from making what is most definitely the best character creator I’ve ever seen. The sheer amount of detail and variety is amazing, and though I think the final design of the demo above is rather ugly (whyyyy would you make her nose that long?), I imagine there are infinite possibilities to make gorgeous characters in the game. Every single aspect of the face and body and wardrobe is customizable, right down to individual muscle groups. I don’t play EVE, but I’d almost buy it just to play around with this creator.

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  1. They should do something where the character creator is a separate game and you can upload any made character into any game engine that supports it. Imagine your painstakingly crafted supermodel starring in both Mass Effect and Skyrim. And each game would slightly mod your template with its own distinct style.

  2. @banko holy crap, that’d rule. If companies were willing to like, cross license on Steam, to where you could upload your character to the Steam Cloud and put it in any supporting games. That’s “vanity” DLC I’d actually pay for if it was this good.

  3. Actually you do see your character out of its pod from time to time. Right now everytime you dock to a station (unless deactivated) you go to your captain’s quarters, where you can move your avatar around. Granted, it’s not much, but CCP plans to expand on this feature in the future.

    I have seen people do wondrous things with the character creator – there are tons and tons of screenshots of people recreating real-life persons, like movie stars, incredibly life-like.

    On another note, look for the “time dilation” effect the developers put into place to counter the lag accompanying large fleet engagements. Instead of having the affected node lag like crazy this little wonder slows down all ongoings on said node by a small fraction. It’s bloody brilliant and it seems to actually work.

  4. I really hate bad editors (Mass Effect, I’m looking at you!) where you can only have a) an ugly character or b) a character that honestly looks like all the other player’s characters (Mass Effect … I’m still looking at you!)

    But this editor? Godlike.

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