Disney Movie Posters Get Incredible Redesigns

Yes, you’re seeing this right. It’s a post about classic Disney movies that DOES NOT have to do with sexy princess redesigns.

Rather, it’s a series of amazing poster prints from Rowan Stocks Moore. He’s taken a number of classic Disney films, princess-based and otherwise, and turned them into pieces of art. The designs are somewhat minimalist, but they’re a bit more involved than we usually see from that genre.

His Bambi and Lion King renditions are my favorite, and yes, you can buy prints of these at his Etsy store here. Check out the rest below:

Even more great ones on the next page. Little Mermaid!

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  1. I rarely throw out the word Genius, but that Alice in Wonderland was spectacular. I never had conceived the notion that overlapping the different (w/e they’re called) could create a face, let alone a face worthy of the LSD bomb shell that was Alice in Wonderland.

    Great, great find Tassi

  2. I think my favourites, just based on style and my own personal taste, would have to be Bambi and Peter Pan. I REALLY like the symmetry in the latter and how they connected the clock on Big Ben with the pocket-watch the Crocodile ate.

    They all look really cool though.

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