Disney Couples are Going to PROMMM!


Ah prom. The good old days of going to a Baptist High School with 70 kids in your graduating class where you weren’t allowed to dance or even call prom “prom.” Sitting around eating dinner during Junior/Senior Banquet was so much fun! I’m glad I spent $200 on a tux rental and sweated through three shirts asking a girl to go! Totally worth it!

Anyway, I TOLD you were was no end to these Disney concepts, and here’s more proof of that. Kathryn Hudson is the woman behind this series of rather adorable prints showing various Disney characters heading to prom. It’s not all just princes and princesses however. Snow White took her dwarves (that may get awkward later on) and Lilo took Stitch (dear god, just as friends I hope).

Check out the full collection below and more of Hudson’s work here.

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