Debate of The Day: Saints Row or Grand Theft Auto?


Like what we did for Western and Japanese RPGs, we aren’t saying one is better over the other. We want your opinions on which of these two games you prefer. Let us know what you like and don’t like about either franchise. I personally enjoy both of these series as I pre-ordered Saints Row IV and Grand Theft Auto V

I really find it annoying how people compare these two games. At first glance, they do seem like very similar franchises but you’ll realize that they are different beasts if you look closer. They’re like apples and oranges or cousins so to speak. Saints Row’s focus leans towards over the top ridiculous violence and vulgarity. While Grand Theft Auto games tends to be more like a serious film with humorous moments.

I finished Saints Row IV a few days ago and my friends and I call it ‘Vice city on steroids.’ It reminded me of the time when Grand Theft Auto had more wacky elements in their game. The fourth game in the series felt a bit too serious and dark for  me. However, that’s just my personal opinion. I’ll still play both anyway.

What about you? Do you prefer Saints Row or Grand Theft Auto?

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  1. @Cee Kyuu Cee, can you elaborate? What does that mean, frankly?

    For me, it’s GTA all the way. I get that humor is what Saint’s Row goes for (at this point anyway), but it all just seems too silly and over-the-top. Again, that’s a personal qualm; I totally get that it’s what they’re going for. I know Rockstar has always integrated humor into GTA, but It think they are generally much more effective (honestly, the unsubtle humor of IV kind of hurt it).

  2. I’m having a hard time splitting between the two of them. If I had to choose a series as a whole I would likely go with Saint’s Row, despite San Andreas being my favorite game out of both series.

  3. As much as I loved Vice City, I hated GTA4. I thought Saints Row 1 was a knock off, and it was, but started playing 2 and then 3 and soon 4. Saints Row is funnier, cooler, and it takes more risks. True, I feel they have become different enough to each other, but in terms of enjoyment, SR is the clear winner.

  4. Chris, Saints Row since 2 has allowed players to generally play as who they want. They don’t make jokes at the expense of any one group, to the point that everyone is in on the joke. Granted it has its problematic aspects, but I give a lot of respect to a series that treats all of its audience pretty well and where one of the villains was a rich white guy gentrifying the city.

  5. I played Saints Row 2 for a little bit but really couldn’t get into it. I didn’t have any expectations for Saints Row: The Third and ended up enjoying it. It has many fun things but also has a lot of problems, and the humor is really bad, very low. It’s not a deep, polished experience or anything like that. Saints Row feels shallow to me. Sure, GTA has some pretty low humor too (Gruppe Sechs, dildo’s before Saints Row, ’69’ popping up in a lot of places), but that is just a small layer below everything else, including actual good humor.
    GTA is one of the best gamefranchises ever, and comparing it to Saints Row is kinda like comparing the Godfather to Twilight (not saying that Saints Row is as bad as Twilight): There are people who don’t like or couldn’t get through the Godfather but do like Twilight. And that’s pretty much fine, because everyone has his or her tastes. But no sane person should ever say that Twilight is a better movie than the Godfather.
    Again, Saints Row is absolutely not as bad a game as Twilight is a movie.

  6. Rockstar is able to capture a steady flow of life in the realm of sandbox games.
    While I’ll say that Saints Row’s customizing and flat out insanity works well as a SB game, there is something else that Rockstar gives us.
    A pure american game, riddled with celebrities and well written jokes about sex, drugs and world politics.
    It’s quite simply fun to be a part of that world.

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