Comic Books With Horse Characters

Even though comic books are always centered around heroes, mythical beings, or aliens, there are some that add some equestrian flavor. Yes, we are talking about the introduction of horses in comic books.

Now, let’s get things straight from the start. There aren’t many comics where the horse plays the main character, but there are quite a few where the horse plays a supporting role but is still crucial for the comic.

Horses are not unusual for comics. In fact, they symbolize many things like power, freedom, strength, stamina, and more, which is perfect for a comic. Additionally, horses and their bond with humans in comics add warmth to the comic.

Let’s also not forget that horses have always been associated with racing, and if you are a horse racing fan and getting prepared for the Kentucky Derby, getting a horse comic might put you in the right mindset before you sign up for waging on TwinSpires.

As you already assumed, in today’s article we decided to highlight some of the best comic books that featured a fun, interesting, and lovely equestrian fellow.

Best Comic Books With Horse Characters

Fergus the Horse

One standout star in the world of horse comics is Fergus the Horse. This comic definitely captured the hearts of equestrians and comic lovers. This comic is created by Jean Abernethy and it follows the adventures of the brave and funny Fergus the Horse.

On top of that, each adventure is not only fun but also sprinkled with light-hearted comedy and some life lessons that resonate with both young and older audiences.

Fergus’s journey is documented in many different comic series, and each is centered around a particular theme. We have comics like Fergus and the Night Before Christmas, and Fergus and the Greener Grass.

This is probably the most popular comic book where the horse takes center stage. So, if you love a funny and adventurous comic book, Fergus the Horse is the perfect choice.

Comet the Super-Horse

Before we get started, let’s make one thing clear. The name Comet, shouldn’t be confused with Captain Comet. We are here talking about her horse that has superpowers.

Comet is the name of two made-up comic book characters that DC Comics owns and has published their adventures under. The first character was a magically endowed horse who had been a centaur in classical Greece. The second character is a shapeshifter who can assume the forms of a winged centaur, a female, and a male. Each of the characters has some connection to the Superman book series.

Comet made his comic book debut in the tale “The Legion of Super-Traitors!” that ran in Adventure Comics #293 (February 1962), one of the magazine’s Silver Age titles.

Black Beauty

Black Beauty is a novel by Anna Sewell that has been turned into a comic book. Through the eyes of a devoted horse, this tale, which is presented from the horse’s point of view, examines the topics of animal care and the beauty of life.

It starts with his carefree days as a colt on an English farm with his mother and moves through his challenging time pulling taxis in London to his contented retirement in the country. He encounters several challenges and tells numerous stories of both generosity and brutality along the road.

Every brief chapter narrates a story from Black Beauty’s life with a moral or lesson that is usually associated with treating horses with compassion, understanding, and kindness. Sewell’s in-depth observations and thorough descriptions of horse behavior give the novel a great deal of authenticity.

The Wild Mustang

Using the factual graphic novel series from History Comics, we go back in time! But for a reason! To discover the history of wild Mustang introduction to America in this volume, as well as how they continue to wander freely now.

Wild mustangs have wandered the plains of North America for many centuries, influencing and trying to survive human history.

They served as an instrument of conquest for the Spanish. They introduced a new way of life to the Native Americans, centered around horse commerce and horsemanship. Wild mustangs went on to become a recognized marvel of the American West for people all around the world.

Although there are still hundreds of mustangs in the wild today, their survival in a constantly shifting environment is a struggle, and their future is far from assured.

Final Words

These are some of the comics that featured a horse character at least for a couple of series. We’ve seen many comics where a horse character is featured in 20% of the story, which won’t satisfy equestrian lovers.

But all of these offer a unique blend of superhero action, comedy, and some history. Even though horses have been around us for centuries, it seems like they haven’t got the attention they deserve in comics.

Hope that will change in the future and authors will try to incorporate horse elements in comics.

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