Checking In With Arrested Westeros for Game of Thrones Season Four


Time to check in with our old friend, my favorite Tumblr on the planet, Arrested Westeros. The site has been combining Game of Thrones with Arrested Development for years now, and seeing as the show is back, smack in the middle of season four, I figured it was a good time to see what jokes they’ve managed to land this year so far.

The results? Hilarious as ever. It’s a whole new world for Buster references now that Jaime has both lost his hand and gotten a clumsy new one. But there are many, many other jokes to be found, and I’m sad I haven’t come up with one myself yet and submitted it to them. That’s going to be my next project.

Anyway, check out a few of their best season four ones, and head to the site itself for the full collection. Oh, and a few season four spoilers ahoy.









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