Check Out this Playable Pokemon GO Halloween Costume


Did I say I was done posting cool Halloween costumes?  I lied.  When things keep rolling in I can’t just let them lie.  And when I saw this Pokemon GO costume I felt it was my obligation to share it with all of you. What you are going to see below is a short clip of Matt Borgelt demonstrating his nifty little Pokemon Go costume that he wore for Halloween. The best part about this costume? It’s 100% interactive. That in and of itself is pretty awesome.

You know what else is awesome? That Halloween is over. Yup, I’m pretty happy that the candy is running out and I can return to my normal, boring life. I think I’ve had enough of my kids running around like little insane asylum patients from all of the sugar. But I digress. Let’s get back on topic.

Here’s the interactive Pokemon GO costume.

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