What The Cast of Scrubs Looks like Today


When it comes to shows about the medical community, television is dominated by dramatic shows.  It all started with St. Elsewhere and then ER really turned on the jets for the genre.  Today it’s Grey’s Anatomy that has led the pack, but it feels like there’s a new doctor show out every 6 months.  My personal favorite was House.  But there’s one show that actually had a large amount of success in comedy:  Scrubs.   It was the one show that didn’t necessarily make fun of the other shows, but it successfully utilized comedy in a hospital setting.

It’s something we haven’t seen since and may never see again.  I think it would be accurate to say that Scrubs was a “cult classic.”  It’s also hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since the show was on television.  In honor of that 15 years, we selected pictures of what cast members from the show look like today.  Amazingly, they all look pretty much the same.

John Dorian-Zach Braff (41)


Dr. Turk-Donald Faison (42)


Dr. Elliott Reid-Sarah Chalke (40)


Carla Espinosa-Judy Reyes (48)


Dr. Cox-John C. McGinley (57)


Cleaner-Neil Flynn (55)


Dr. Robert Kelso-Ken Jenkins (76)


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  1. Fix Neil Flynn’s title please it’s not cleaner, it’s “Janitor”… He didn’t even have a proper name on the show, he lied and gave out many names but in the end he is simply Janitor. Some will argue Glen Matthews but the complete series package interview with creator Bill Lawrence claims it’s Josh (Janitor of sacred heart). Even Dr. Jan Itor is more appropriate…

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