Called It: Professor X Fires Cyclops

I’ve been predicting that the next X-Man on Pete Holmes’ Professor X hitlist would be Cyclops for a while now, and it took like three more installments for me to be proven right.

And this is pretty good. Like Rogue, the primary criticism here is that while his power is not entirely useless, it presents an enormous safety risk for everyone else in the house, should Cyclops get drunk and lose his sunglasses.

“Do you have a chain to keep them on?”

“No, that wouldn’t look cool.”

“Why was that orphanage leveled? Because Scott didn’t want to look like a dork.”

Alright, who’s next? I sort of want to see him do a positive one, just for a change of pace. “Colossus, you can turn into metal. That is just f***ing awesome.”

Update: Turns out I missed one. He does like someone, Storm! But she’s still fired. See that one below:

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