That Guy Actor of the Week: Brian Tochi

Having just watched Revenge of the Nerds last night I realized that Toshiro Takashi might be one of the best characters in any movie ever.   Seriously.   He is absolutely hilarious.   I mean I know that his character is as stereotyped as a stereotype could possibly be but you have to admit it’s incredibly funny.

Anyway, Takashi is played by Brian Tochi who also happens to be the awesome Asian cop Elvis Nogata in the Police Academy movies.  I can’t believe he’s credited in the movie Fight Club as a “Fighter Bully” whatever that means.

He hasn’t done anything since 2009 and mostly does TV and video game stuff these days.   Still though, I had to give this guy credit for playing one of the best nerds of all time.

A classic Takashi clip

Well, Booger is obviously the best one but come on, Takashi rules.

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