Bioshock Infinite Comes to Life

I may not be as excited about Bioshock Infinite as I am the other sixty titles coming out soon, but that does’t exclude me from appreciating this picture perfect bit of cosplay.

The new girl on the block is Elizabeth, who is a fan of corsets and helping you around the floating city. Fortunately for Anna here, this is a role that she was born to play with startling blue eyes that match the character, and the costuming abilities to figure the rest out. She’s got other cool costumes on her Flickr page here.

As you can see, she’s done a fantastic job with Elizabeth, and if you want to see more from the shoot, I’ve assembled a few more selections below. Check them out:


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  1. Perfect. I respect almost all cosplay efforts, especially as the craft gets more and more elaborate, but only rarely do I find myself thinking that the cosplayer is more beautiful than the character she’s going for. This is definitely one of those rare times.

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