Another Reason to Love Community

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I’m not a die-hard Community fanboy like many others who are constantly comparing its imminent demise to the death of Arrested Development (but it keeps being saved from that fate), but there are a few select episodes of the show that are some of the best 20 minute comedy spots that have ever appeared on television.

Paintball (the first one) is an obvious choice, but last week’s “Digital Estate Planning” was simply fantastic. Nearly the entire episode was filmed like 8-bit video game. What other show could possibly pull something like that off?

And of course, like any good Community episode, there were Easter Eggs. Here’s something a quick-eyed fan caught as Abed was scrolling through the dialogue options of a local village maiden. Freaking. Awesome.

Why the hell did they fire Dan Harmon again? How does that make ANY sort of sense?

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  1. If any Arrested Development characters cross over, cameo, or make a guest appearance on Community, I could die happy. This was my favorite episode of the year, along with too many others to name

  2. seriously, somenone should Kickstart that into an actual game…knowing the fans of the show, it can pull eleventy billion $ in a week’s time…

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