That Guy Actor of the Week: Andrew Bryniarski

Any of you who are into sports movies in the 90s will surely recognize Andrew Bryniarski.   Unfortunately he hasn’t really been relevant since 2006 when he played Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel.  However, Bryniarski has has bit parts on television and in movies.

What I personally appreciate him for are his football player roles.   Who could forget him as the psychotic roided up linebacker Steve Lattimer in The Program?  Or the bull riding defensive tackle in Necessary Roughness.   He was also a pretty scary Nazi called “Knocko” in Higher Learning.

And last but not least he had the worst accent in the world as Zangief in Street Fighter.   All in all I’m a fan of Bryniarski and I hope he can pull some good sports roles in the future.  If they ever remake Revenge of the Nerds, he should play Ogre.

A clip of Lattimer after the jump…

You think he’s got problems?


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  1. “They give Alvin here copies of his tests in advance. Sells them to kids in his class for a hundred bucks a pop. Of course…he still needs someone to read them to him”

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