Amazing Photos of Food as Seen Through a Microscope


Yes, this is a Pop Tart

At what point can we look at virtually all things as “beautiful” or “art.”  Well I certainly think that given the right angles, lighting, nearly any kind of changes that benefit the subject matter, all things can be considered amazing.   One tool that helps this process better than nearly all?  A microscope.

Yup.  You’d be amazed at what certain objects look like when magnified many times over.  These micrographs of ordinary food products combine science and fine art.

Check out the pics after the jump….

Thanks to Caren Alpert for the photos.  All pics are clickable to enlarge

Raisin at 35X


Fortune Cookie at 150X


Sun Dried Tomato at 250X


Passionfruit at 32X


Chocolate Cake at 320X


Pineapple Leaf at 85X


Almond at 110X


Shrimp Tail at 230X


Oreo at 15X


Brussel Sprout at 110X


Coffee Bean at 80X


Red Licorice at 20X


Banana Skin at 210X


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