A Wicked Cool X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Anime


I didn’t know there were “amateur anime-ers” out there, as I figured the process would be far too time consuming for just one person to execute. But through some talent and technology, Otaking77077 has made a hobby out of anime, and damn, he’s good.

The video above shows an exceptionally epic X-Wing vs. TIE fighter battle that’s leagues cooler than anything we’ve actually seen in the films. I believe it’s still a work in progress, and the Sleigh Bells theme played over the video is not one of his own choosing, but who cares? This is an amazing short, and this guy has some true talent.

Check it out above, and if this guy has a Kickstarter to make a full length anime Star Wars feature, I’d donate. The money will of course be used to fend off  George Lucas’s army of lawyers.

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  1. The art and animation are awesome to the point of putting Clone Wars to shame. Odd choice of music, though. I like Sleigh Bells, but I don’t exactly think “Star Wars soundtrack” when I hear them.

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