A Real Live Kwik-E-Mart

From a distance, it may look like some clever photoshop, but I promise you this Kwik-E-Mart does actually exist. I believe at one point it was a 7-11 and was turned into the mart as a promo for The Simpsons movie way back when, but I never saw it until now.

They really went all out, and as you’ll see in the pictures below, they didn’t leave too many details out. I’ve always wondered what Buzz Cola and Krusty-Os taste like. But no Duff Beer? Come on now! I suppose this was a marketing campaign aimed at kids.

Does anyone out there still regularly watch The Simpsons? I’m behind on say, like the last eight years.

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  1. That is so awesome. I still watch the simpsons and while its no where near where it once was they are still good for a laugh. They have alot more clunker episodes but when its good (like the 24 parody) its still really funny. Great episodes are few and far between unlike season 3-9 where every episode is gold but I still like it.

  2. Can’t say I’ve watched any new episodes in the last three or four years now. I don’t even think it’s that the show is downright bad, I think it’s that the bar was set so high that they can’t live up to their own standards. And I don’t need ten thousand conflicting backstories on who Snake or Jasper used to be. Snake worked because he was Snake. Bit characters are funnier as bit characters.

  3. Many 7-11’s took part in this promotion. I took many pictures at the 7-11 in Mountain View, CA. I also had some Squishees, and ate that super-sweet pink donut. There wasn’t any Duff beer, but I got two cans from a recent trip to Italy.

    Even though I don’t watch it regularly anymore, I thought last night’s episode (The Food Wife) was pretty good.

  4. Wait, where is it? There’s more of them? Holy crap, I want to go to one! I still watch the Simpsons occasionally, but I’m no where near as excited about them as I was when I was a kid. (I was pretty weird. I told my parents once that if they ever needed to punish me, to ban The Simpsons for the while. They actually did, once lol) I agree with JB. When an episode is good, it’s really good. But they seem few and far between, now. Maybe they should force Bart and Lisa to grow up, instead of having future flash-forwards?

  5. I can’t stand the Simpsons anymore. They didn’t start out as a parody show, except for the tree house of horror episodes, so why are they jumping on the band wagon now? They were funny because it was a made up world where fish could have 3 eyes, kids could eat cat food, and the cops had an IQ of 5, combined. I think south parks episode Simpsons did it pretty much sums it up. Once you cover all the vases, twice, it might be time to just give it up and say you had a good run. Otherwise you’ll end up like chuck liddell.

  6. About 4 years ago as a sort of anniversary stunt (I forget the details) 7-Eleven (entire chain? Just one?) did a conversion for a month or so. I was working at a newspaper at the time and many of my friends went there, shopped, had photos taken. It converted back again. The one they visited was in the DFW Metroplex.

  7. @Carl

    COMPLETELY agree. That’s the exact reason I stopped watching. They switched to all parodies, and I was finally old enough to pick out all the parodies they were using, which made the show much less interesting.

  8. I remember this! It was certain stores that were transformed as part of the promotion for the movie, which was supposed to be the end of the series. Now The Simpsons is in bad need of being put down.

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