A Line of Fictional Star Wars Cereals


Do you like breakfast? How about Star Wars? Well then this will be the greatest news since Kellog’s C-390s for you.

It’s a limited edition set of Star Wars themed cereal boxes designed by an array of talented artists who are also good at puns. All the best artists here

You can see Grape Hutts above, but check out, Raisin Han, Greedos, Troop Loops and more after the jump:


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  1. The Count Dookula must have been the easiest one to come up with. When I first heard that Christopher Lee would be in Episode 2 (never mind that Peter Cushing was in A New Hope, and of course, David Prowse is Darth Vader) and that his character would be called “Count Dooku”, I thought 2 things.

    1. George Lucas masturbates to films of the “Hammer” franchise every night.

    2. Wow. The guy is known for playing Count Dracula and now he’s Count Dooku. Lucas, a kindergartner could’ve came up with something better.

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