A Different Look at Gargoyles


I was usually watching more established superhero cartoons rather than Gargoyles as a kid, but I did catch it a few times therefore meaning it will someday be adapted into a $150M movie directed by Michael Bay.

The art above and below shows what a “new era” Gargoyles might look like in what I’ll call “Dave Rapoza style.” That would be a badass portrait updating a classic character. In reality, the artist here is Digital Tofu, and as you can see they’re quite talented in their own right.

Check out the full collection below which includes the vast majority of the cast.



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  1. I remember Gargoyles as very enjoyable, IMO it was one of the fist cartoons that divulged into Anglo saxon/greek mythology mixed with sci-fi topics to create a real complex show….I absolutely loved it.

    I loved it so much that I’m too afraid to pickup the Seasons now, in fear that it doesn’t stand the test of time, thus destroying my feelings towards the show. I may think it’s juvenile now….like the 90’s X-men cartoon….still wish i never picked those up. 🙁

  2. Used to love the show. Really liked any show where the episodes showed some real progression rather than the usual return to normalcy at the end of almost every episode indicative of most cartoons in the 80’s and 90’s. Story line was actually kind of interesting but turned to crap after the avalon arc. Don’t know if it should ever be revived but at the very least I’m sure the cast of star trek enterprise aren’t so busy now that they can’t lend their voices.

  3. I still love this show. Very excited to see an unreality post about them.

    Jaromir, the third season isnt considered by the creator to be canon and an official third season was continued in comic book form about a decade after the show ended. If you are afraid to have them ruined, go to the Disney website. You can watch the Awakening Saga and see if it stood the test of time. If it does, you can watch most of the other episodes but make sure to pick up the DVD’s.

  4. Oh I used to love Gargoyles as a kid! I’ve wanted for a while to watch the series over again,simply because I didn’t fully understand everything when I was little.It was the first “Superhero” cartoon that I was ever really into.

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