A Wicked Gallery of Samus Aran & Metroid Tattoos

I’ve had tattoos on the brain lately (not literally, mind you), and you should know by now that I love all things Samus Aran, and, tangentally, Metroid.  So I decided to put the two together and search the vast Interwebs for some groovy Samus or Metroid-themed tattoos.  After the jump is a gallery of the best ones I could find.  Enjoy!

From Perfectcr.com is this tattoo of Samus in her armor on what must be someone’s calf.  Looks like Samus has some company, as you can see the side of a Scorpion tattoo, also.


Here’s a nice one of Samus shooting a metroid with her Ice Beam, from Krushervision.com.


Tattoochallenge.com has this image of a helmetless Samus on someone’s back.  I wonder if they’ll get it colored in; would be pretty sweet…and painful.  Pretty sick artwork regardless.


From thebbps.com comes this gem of a mean-looking Samus tatted on someone’s calf.


Again from thebbps.com comes a Samus tattoo, once again in armor and on someone’s calf.


I love neck tattoos, especially on chicks, but I think this may be a bit much.  I don’t know if I’d want Samus on my neck when I turn 50, you know?  As an aside, if a girl had a tattoo of a metroid on the top of the back of her neck, so that you could only see it when her hair was up, I think I’d melt.  I found the below tattoo at flickr.com.


This tattoo, that I found over at freewebs.com, contains a ton of Nintendo images.  Standing tall and prominently featured, however, is our girl Samus.


Another cool Nintendo-themed collage, but this time it’s a leg sleeve.  Samus is crowded between Bowser and Donkey Kong on this one, that I found over at myds.com.au.


A GREAT looking metroid that will be incredible once it’s colored in.  I found this shoulder tattoo at flickr.com.


And another metroid-themed tattoo I found over at flickr.com.


Hope you enjoyed the gallery.  I am thinking about getting Samus’ helmet tattooed on my entire face, with little metroids tattooed on my eyeballs and the Screw Attack symbol on my entire back.  God, I love Metroid.  I have to say, I was disappointed that I didn’t find any Ridley and especially Mother Brain tattoos.  Something like the image below tattooed on my arm would be the cat’s pajamas:


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