15 Teachers I Wish I Could Have Had

They appreciate doodles

This guy

They make Bat patterns

They play video games

They Rick Roll

They give out great awards

They do this

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  1. I think in my life time, 5-6 teachers stand out; the top one was my Histology teacher at my University. He was an awesome prof, he really knew his stuff and knew how to teach it well, but for some reason I just couldn’t get a passing grade in his class…once it was because I had family (brotherly) issue’s going on, and the other was just that I couldn’t get that grade. One day I went to his office and had a chat with him, he asked me why I was taking his course? Told him that I needed to complete it, as an elective, in order to get my Bachelors so that I could apply to teachers college (high school teacher). The next day he sent me an email to visit him in his office, so I did, he told me flat out that this 3rd time I was taking his course that no matter what I will get a “B” in the class…. whether I show up or not. I showed up, I still tried hard, but wouldn’t have gotten a “B” on my own…I still passed on my own, but definitely not with a “B”.

    What I liked most about him was the fact that he was a realist, he understood that all the stupid hoops and ladders that Secondary Education throws at their students are just a money grab…..He told me that if I were pursuing any other avenue aside from a High School teacher he wouldn’t have done this. He knew that for me to have a Histology elective was kinda Bull shit, especially to become a High School teacher. Sigh.

    I ended up graduating and then decided to do something else; but still I didn’t screw him over, I started from scratch…kinda sucked but I’m here.

    Anyways just thought I would share.

  2. My highschool Biology teacher, whom I took for IBC, Pre-AP Bio and AP-Bio, was one of the most awesome teachers ever. In IBC we learned about alkalei metals. Accidentally got too big a chunk in a beaker on morning that caused the thing to explode. It stained the ceiling, which remained stained through my senior year. In Pre-AP we made room-long fireballs out of mushroom spores and a rolled up newspaper. Highly flammable, singed one kid’s eyebrows. I didn’t have her Junior year, took AP Chem instead, but that was the year we became the first high school in the US to have a table-top SEM (scanning electron microscope). The thing was about as big as a small dog crate and hella powerful. There were literally only ten of us in the entire school allowed to operate the $50k machine, then only after some rather extensive training on the thing. My AP Bio year was amazing, we were a class with a population of four. Became a lunch discussion hour, and for our final exam- we barbequed. Don’t take it lightly, though, she did not put up with horse play. The only teacher in our school that would actually drop unruly students. Our AP class started as eleven.

  3. I’m actually a teacher myself and I have a fair few teachers I remember fondly..like my history teacher who taught us all about the ins and outs of the premier league, or the biology teacher who had my back no matter what I did.

    Atm I’m hoping to be that kind of teacher to my kids. I teach EFL and I help them learn through talking about stuff they like..and that I like. We talk about internet memes, gaming, films, music and they’re often shocked to find out that I’m a tattooed, pierced, ex skater metaller and also a cosplayer and avid girl gamer. We often sit and instead of discussing the photos in the books as part of their speaking tests, which are boring and irrelevant..I show them pics off the internet or off my own facebook and let them discuss those instead. Or we just share hints for Skyrim and League of Legends.

  4. I’ve had a few awesome teachers in my time too both at university and highschool.
    One who insisted to the school board that they allow her to run an animal shelter at the school for all the kids who wanted to or didn’t have pets at home – we had like 50 mice and rats, 2 childerens pythons, some long neck turtles, hopping mice, hamsters, rabbits and ducks – all run out of her own purse and student volunteers.
    An awesome chem teacher in my later years who noticed I reacted oddly when the course outline was handed out – when he came and spoke to me I told him there was only 2 areas I had not already done (my previous school was advanced in some areas), he asked me if i had my old notes and after seeing it for himself let me skip class and be marked in as long as I told him first.
    And lastly at uni one professor who not only gave me top marks but offered to supervise me if i did post-grad when I handed in a 4000 word reflection that critically analyzed why the assignments in the course were constructed in a way that contradicted and absolutely undermined the understanding and theoretical underpinnings of the course.

  5. I had this latin teacher, Joe. He’d be my last class of the day, and on fridays he’d let al of us order takeout. But, we’d have to do one thing before we could eat. Whoever picked up the food from the front office would have to bring it back up to the language wing, walk into one of the OTHER classrooms and say “Who wants pizza! -Oh, wait. This isn’t latin.” and walk out again.

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