10 Interesting Mortal Kombat Hacks

Mortal Kombat

You may remember Sub Zero bringing you that interesting article on Super Mario Hacks less than two weeks ago.   Well in honor of Mr. Zero I figured it was time to do some searching for hacks in another popular video game series.  That would be the Mortal Kombat series.  

From crazy fatalities to the meshing of characters to funny fight scenes set to rap music, there are definitely some creative people out there (who most likely have an awful lot of time on their hands).  Nevertheless they spend their time trying to amuse themselves and at the same time us.

Here are ten interesting Mortal Kombat hacks:

Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Genesis Hack) – Gameplay

It adds just about all the characters from all three MK games, plus many new moves, combos, and of course, fatalities.  It’s a little fast and insane but cool to watch nonetheless.

Competely Fake but Awesome

This can’t be real.  If it is, wow.

An Awesome Fatality Hack

Mortal kombat Fatality from 1 2 3 4 gold Deadly Alliance Deception and some random stuff

Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy – Supreme Demostration Part 5


The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy Supreme Demostration, split in parts with everything, including all three fatalities of every character, plus an exclusive fourth fatality that only some characters had, all the animaties, pit fatalities, friendships, babalities and brutalities of every character, including bosses.  This is part 5 of the series.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Hack) GENS emulator


There’s just some weird stuff going on here.

Mortal Kombat 3 and Rap Music Hack

I love the snowman and Xzibit song here.

Interesting Text Hack


Dildo Wins!  This person has a twisted sense of humor

Mortal Kombat Revelations

This is cool update to the UMK3 hack, for the a sega genesis emulator. With new characters like Quan Chi and Hydro

Mortal Kombat vs. Capcom


The Juggernaut Fatality


This is pretty funny

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