10 Incredibly Funny Non Star Trek William Shatner Moments


We all know how awesome William Shatner is for his portrayal of Captain Kirk.   But what I love about the guy is how he’s taken that character, his weird talking style, and stretched it as far as it can possibly go.

From Priceline to funny appearances on T.V. Shows and even his role on Boston Legal.  This woman getting, slow talking persona of his has translated into a ton of laughs over the years.

What amazes me is that he’s being doing this schtick since the 70s.

Here are 10 awesome non Star Trek Shatner moments

The Sarah Palin Farewell Speech


“Rocket Man”


Shatner’s WoW Commercial

Talking About Himself

Shatner Busts a Move

How to Handle a Woman

Airplane 2


Shatner’s Recording Session


Driving with Shatner

Kung Fu Negotiator 


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