10 Awesome Trailers/Mashups of All Things Transformer


The amount of hype that’s been taking place for this movie is nearly as bad as it was for the first one.  Aside from Megan Fox looking amazing my desire to the new Spielberg produced flick is probably about the same as my desire to eat three bags of dog shit.

Still though, with great hype comes great mashups and spoofs.  But it’s not just Transformers 2.  It’s all of Transformers, including the cartoon.  There are some creative folks out there and I decided to share their masterpieces with you today.

Here are 10 awesome trailers/mashups of all things Transformer

Transformers Mashup Trailer 1984-2007

Take the best thing from Michael Bay’s Transformers movie — the trailer — and use it as the soundtrack for the G1 cartoon, and you get this movie

Transformers Lord of the Ring

This is video from the original Transformers movie remixed with audio from the trailer from the first Lord of the Rings movie.

Transformers Budweiser Wassup Spoof


This is pretty funny

Transformers Dark Knight


Short but Sweet, and Awesome

Transformers Naruto Spoof

Transformers Invade the Simpsons


A Fake Teaser Trailer

If you don’t like Michael Bay movies, you will like this teaser

Transformers Brokeback Mashup

Transformers Reloaded


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