Emma Stone Rules The World With Amazon Fallon Lip Sync

I’m fairly certain that Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and Aaron Paul are having some sort of contest to see who can be the most likable celebrity. Stone may have just pulled into the lead with the video above.

I’ve seen a few of Fallon’s Lip Sync battles before with John Krasinksi, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and others. But here, Emma Stone sings a pair of songs that beats all other challengers, the last one in particular being the best thing I’ve seen all week. I’ve watched it probably five times already.

This is a little celebrity-heavy for the site, so I guess I’ll end with “go see Spider-Man 2 this weekend,” I guess, which is why she was on Fallon in the first place. Or just play this video on repeat for an hour and a half instead.

I dare you not to smile. I DARE YOU.

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