Sonic Jokes that Make Me Want to Die

Someone sent me this image that must have been on the back of an issue of GamePro in like 1996. It’s a collection of Sonic the Hedgehog themed jokes that are quite possibly the worst attempts at humor I’ve ever seen, video game themed or otherwise. Here’s an example:

“What do you call a hedgehog covered in vinegar?”


And that’s probably one of the better ones. I couldn’t even make it through the entire Badnik conversation.

  • Sams

    oh wow that is bad

  • Urban Reflex

    This is from the Sonic Joke Book originally. I have it somewhere in the loft, it’s full of terrible, terrible jokes. On the plus side it was all black and white line art, so I had a lot of fun colouring it in when I was a kid.

  • Pup

    I have that joke book somewhere and I can assure you that the entire 30-ish page book is that bad. 😀

  • Bad Acid

    WHEN IT’S KING WOOD… oh wrong iteration…

  • Comfortable Madness

    LMAO! That is so horribly bad its fantastic!

  • I got through the Badnik one and it’s nothing funny at all. Just a load of stupidity and ridiculously retarded humor that I literally almost fell asleep from.
    -Naru Ichite Inuzuka

  • thapoint09

    Wow, they predicted the quickstep.