The Justice League Meets The Avengers


Artist Aaron Thompson recently came out with this vector-ish piece of art that captures what it might look like if the JLA teamed up with the Avengers. And Spider-Man. Who I assume was on The Avengers at some point in his life. Also Wolverine. Wait really? That would be a hell of an awesome movie.

Now that Disney owns every  Marvel property, how long until we start seeing SUPER crossovers with X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spidey and so on?

Below, check out the individual pieces of the picture above so you can better see the detail:





  • David R

    I think that, sadly, a lot of the film rights to the characters you mention lie in the hands of the studios who have made feature films with them. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s part of why Amazing Spider-Man got made in the first place; to hang onto the film rights to the character. So for the time being, Marvel will just have to watch and wish they had access to these guys.

    • Keith Sterrett

      David you are on the money with that comment. Prior to Marvel making its own movies they licensed off the rights to the characters to other studios. I believe Sony has the rights to Spiderman, the X-men, Fantastic Four, and a few others. Up until recently they had the rights to Daredevil and Elektra as well, but since they didn’t use them they lost them. If I remember correctly the Sony contract allows them rights over Spiderman for 7 movies or till 2017, at that point the rights revert back to Marvel. This is the reason there is a new Daredevil mini series coming out, as the rights reverted back to Marvel, but they did not see the viability in a Daredevil movie.

      • Armando Olivas

        Sony has Amazing Spider-Man and Fox has Fantastic Four & the X-Men.

        • Heather Kenealy

          And Fox is KILLING both franchises because they SUCK

  • Diego Fernandes

    Spider-man it’s an Avenger for quite some time in the comics, even during his “Superior Spider-Man” arc where his in fact Otto Octavius and not Peter Parker, as also is Wolverine. And some that aren’t in the picture like Spider-Woman. Anyway, it’s an awesome pic.

  • Andrew Hamm

    Spider-Man and Wolverine both joined the Avengers a decade ago. And a couple years before that, the Avengers and JLA did in fact join forces in the aptly name “JLA/Avengers”.