Bad Luck for Spider-Millhouse


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Simpsons renditions of non-Simpons characters will never get old so long as the show is still on the air, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to the show taking on the mantle of Spider-Man

Artist Terry Ververgaert brings us this vision of a young Millhouse as Spider-Man facing off against a whole host of villains from the comic, brought to life in the form of the residents of Springfield.

Most of these are very well chosen in terms of their matchups. My favorites have to be Mr. Burns/Vulture, Sideshow Bob/Electro and Groundskeeper Willie/Kraven. And Ralph, because well, it’s Ralph.


  • GrandWazoo

    How can Simpsons renditions of non-Simpons characters not get old when the show itself is getting old and pretty much unwatchable?

  • trashcanman

    Wow, those are all ridiculously fitting choices for each character. Hats off to the artist.

  • clovis

    Ralph = Sandman

  • Louis

    I would have gone with Fat Toni for the kingpin not Homer