The Seven Best Prep School Movies

I’m surprised we haven’t done a feature on this subject yet.   I feel like prep schools are featured in movies a reasonable amount.   And to be honest I have no idea if they truly depict what a prep school life is supposed to be.

From what I can gather, an all boys school consists of rigorous studying, an intense amount of pressure to get into the right college,  making fun of teachers, and trying to to see prep school girls whenever they have a chance.  Oh and doing whatever they can to impress alumni.

Maybe that’s accurate and maybe it’s not but it makes for some pretty good movies.   That said, here are seven of my favorite prep school movies….

Scent of a Woman

Hoohah!  In this film,  a prep school student needing money agrees to “babysit” a blind man, but the job is not at all what he anticipated.   In fact it winds up being an incredible adventure and life lesson for a kid coming of age.   One of Al Pacino’s and Chris O’Donnell’s best performances.

School Ties

A Jewish boy goes to an elite prep school in the 1950’s and hides his religion until a jealous bigot forces it out in the open.  And who is that bigot?  A young Matt Damon.   Brendan Fraser stars in this film as do a bunch of young up and coming Hollywood elite.   Great movie about racism, friendship, honesty, and sticking up for your beliefs.

Toy Soldiers

When terrorists sieze control of a boarding school, a group of trouble-making boys decide to resist them.  Dun Dun dunnnnn!   All I have to say is Wil Wheaton and Sean Astin.   Haha.  This movie absolutely kicked ass and anyone in the 28-35 yr old age range knows what I’m talking about.

Dead Poets Society

English professor John Keating inspires his students to a love of poetry and to seize the day.   When you read that sentence it seems a little fruity but in actuality this was a fantastic movie.   It covers all the pressure these kids face and a teacher telling them to get after it.   To go after what they want before society pulls them in and it’s too late.


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