The Five Worst Movies Robert De Niro Has Appeared In


There are a number of great actors out there who have done some low quality films.  Some have also appeared in TV shows with weird cameos and it kind of makes you wonder “what the hell are they doing in this?”  I mentioned this with Michael Caine a few months ago and I decided to see if Robert De Niro had appeared in anything crappy.

Luckily for De Niro he’s got a pretty clean track record but even a guy with a resume of De Niro’s got a few stinkers thrown in there.   And I decided to take a look at five movies De Niro really shouldn’t have been in.

I don’t blame an actor for getting a pay check but when you’re a guy as good as Robert De Niro I think some lines should be drawn



It was nominated for a 2003 Razzie for the worst onscreen duo.  And let’s just say that pairing up Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy was just a bad idea.  While Meet the Parents and Analyze This were very solid, De Niro then occasionally turning to comedy really really pissed me off.  Showtime is the ultimate proof that you just don’t keep doing that when you’re a total stud onscreen.

Meet the Fockers


Let’s face it.  Meet the Parents was really good when it came out.  Robert De Niro came fresh off of doing Analyze This and the allure of tough guy Italian funny man from Analyze That hadn’t worn off.  So the novelty of him as a comedic actor was still there.  It was there enough for this movie to be funny.  But a sequel?  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hated this movie.  Shame on you Robert (and Dustin Hoffman for that matter).

Righteous Kill


Pacino and De Niro!  Wow!  Everyone was all pumped to see these guys paired together again after Heat was so successful.  But did you really think that adding in 50 cent would help?  The mixing of different generations of actor and genre was just a terrible combination.  Could this movie have been good?  I give it a strong maybe.

Analyze That


I’m amazed that after how badly I thought Analyze That was that De Niro went on to make Meet the Fockers.   I know this was all about ticket sales but good God Paul Vitti was just such a loser in this one.  In the first you could tell he still had some Goodfellas and Casino in him.  In this one it’s just pathetic.



Yeah, I’m thinking WTF too.  De Niro must have owed Robert Wuhl something fierce to appear in this movie.  Honestly, I have nothing left to say.  It sucked.

Bonus – Meet the Fockers Sequel

To even begin imagining how bad this is going to be will just anger me.


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