If Star Wars Was an ’80s Teen Movie

You should recognize this art style by now. It’s from Denis Medri, the man responsible for both Steampunk Spider-Man and Grease Batman. Now he’s back with a new franchise and genre.

That’s right, it’s ’80s Teen Movie Star Wars (via Geekologie), and it could be my favorite to date. It draws elements from Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, even Back to the Future with Marty McFly/Luke Skywalker.

It’s all just really well thought out from nerds Threepio and R2 to evil principal Palpatine and janitor Jabba. Check out the full set below, and I’m looking forward to whatever Medri does next.

  • Andres

    Who is the punk next to Lando?? I canĀ“t recognize him!

  • Emanon

    @ Andres – My guess is Greedo.

  • J. Morales

    Except for the short-shorts on Han, I like it.

  • Carmelo

    If Vader is a Moto-X racer, why would his “master” be a school principle?

  • Garrett

    @carmelo cadet more than likely goes to the same school and the corrupt principal uses him to force his will upon the student body, the principal can’t steal your lunch money but his lackey can. I don’t get how the whole “i am your father!” thing would work out though..

  • Javier


    “I am your older brother”..maybe?

  • Jamie

    R2D2 looks like my boyfriend O_O