A Disturbing Gallery of All Things Human Centipede


I’ve been somewhat relieved to discover that I’m not the only person who’s really fascinated with The Human Centipede.  In fact, my love of the soon-to-be-if-it-isn’t-already cult classic is pretty tame compared to that of some other fans.  The idea and concept of The Human Centipede crack me up, but I certainly haven’t bought any merchandise, created anything, or dressed up in a costume related to the movie.  Of course, thanks to the wonderful Internet, I’ve been able to track down the results of people who have.  Be prepared to be a little disgusted and check out a sweet gallery of all things Human Centipede below.  FEED HER!!!!

A tattoo!


A cat toy!


A necklace!




A video game!


The best cosplay ever!


A wonderful mug for your morning coffee!


A sweet “Three’s Company” T-shirt!


Ooh, an artsy movie poster!


  • J5

    No Human Centipede body pillow? You dissapoint me Internet.

  • Kristoph


  • Jamie

    A Tattoo? I really wish I had the ability to do something without thinking it through properly. I feel my need to work out whether I will still want something when I sober up is holding me back.

  • john v.

    I can’t wait to see it, but nowhere even close to here (mid-Ohio) is showing it. what’s the deal with that?

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  • chelsea

    @john v….. check your local cable on demand movies. that’s where i saw it.

  • Madison

    @ john v

    Yeah, what chelsea said….you can order it on IFC on Demand.

  • Inviktus

    I hear you can also download things on the internet now

  • Rachel

    One of cracked’s photoshop contests had a brilliant entry with the human centipede being in the centre of the prism of pink floyds famous album cover. So the light went in the front and a rainbow came out the end, it was fantastic.

    • Madison

      I think I saw that – brilliant.