Embryonic Superheroes are Where Cute Meets Creepy

Just when I thought I couldn’t be weirded out by anything I find on the internet, here’s a series of sculptures titled “Embryonic Superheroes” to accomplish that feat.

There’s a whole galley of these, and they have heroes from Spider-Man to Silver Surfer to The Thing, and a few invisible translucent ones that I can’t quite place. Is one the Invisible Woman? What about the one with wings? Some comic pro can fill me in here.

The photos were taken by Jalal Gerald Aro, but the sculptor remains unknown. Check out the rest below:

  • hahaha love them !

  • the thing is quite adorable..
    the rest.. not so much

  • Super cute, what a good idea!

  • Matt

    “The photos were taken by Jalal Gerald Aro, but the sculptor remains unknown.”

    The artist’s name is listed under the pictures: Alexandre Nicolas.

  • Tamal

    The one with the wings is probably archangel.

  • chris

    thing the winged one is hawkgirl, not archangel, as his wings are pure white while hers are brownish in colour. But perhaps the artist was thinking the pheonix…. still think hawkgirl though!

  • pcgirl

    The invisible one can’t be a girl – it has a dongle. 😉

  • steph

    Am I the only one that thinks catwomen kinda looks like mewtwo when he’s in the tank

  • anon

    Actually, all fetuses have “dongles”, it’s not until later that they develop into male or female sexual organs.

    The more you know…

  • nightshade

    The one with wings is mt little angel warren hawkgirls wings arnt part of her their constructs built and used by her species